Can You Reverse Lookup A Saved Photo On Desktop – Updated Version In 2023

Can You Reverse Lookup A Saved Photo On Desktop

We live in the digital age where everybody has at least one saved photo on their computers. Desktop computers are fantastic for keeping photos and other files organised and easily accessible.

Sometimes we forget from which picture an image came from or who the person was. Using an image search and find function, you can quickly see which pictures have been saved or shared with other users

Reverse image search comes in handy in this instance if you are looking for a similar image on the internet. But can you reverse look up a photo of a saved copy?

What is Reverse Image Search or Reverse Photo Lookup?

Reverse image search is also called reverse photo lookup or search by image, and it is a process that allows you to search for similar images on the internet using an existing image.

What is Reverse Image Search or Reverse Photo Lookup?

The search engine algorithm analyzes the image and then returns visually similar images, as well as web pages that have the similar images.

Why to Use Reverse Image Lookup?

There are several reasons to use photo lookup!

  • When you have a collection of images on your desktop, Reverse image lookup is useful to organize your photos to identify duplicate photos.
  • Reverse image lookup helps to confirm the validity of an image, especially after detecting suspicious activity.
  • Reverse-image search can find information about whether particular photographs have been edited, manipulated, or reused. 
  • Reverse image lookup is helpful when you do not wish to share your private photos with other people. You can take action to remove or retrieve the photos or take legal action against your offenders if necessary.

How to Reverse Lookup a Saved Photo on Desktop?

Reverse Lookup of a saved photo on your desktop is an easy way to find and access the photo you need without having to look through all of your pictures.

To reverse image lookup a saved photo on a desktop, you need to use an image search engine. Several search engines offer reverse image search, including Google Images, TinEye,Bing Images, or free reverse image search tools.

Here we described a few of them!

Reverse Lookup a saved Photo on Desktop using Google Images:

Are you trying to identify the source of a saved photo on your desktop? Look no further than Google reverse image search feature. 

Reverse Lookup a saved Photo on Desktop using Google Images

Google images allow you to upload a save image from your desktop and find other instances of it online, and provide all valuable information about the origins of the photo.

To use this feature! 

  • simply go to Google Images on your desktop browser and click on the camera icon in the search bar. 
  • Then select the “Upload an Image” option and choose the photo from your desktop. 
  • Click the “Search by image” button, and Google will then scan its vast database for visually similar images and display them on a search results page.

Not only can you uncover where a photo came from using this feature, but you can also discover more about that image’s context and history. You can also use Yandex, Bing Images or Tineye search engines on your desktop browser with the same process.

Reverse Lookup a saved Photo on Desktop using Reverse Image SearchPro: 

Reverse image searchPro is a useful tool for identifying the location of an image or the object it contains. It is particularly helpful if you need to check if a picture you encounter online is on your desktop. This task could not be simpler with this reverse image search function.

  • To get started with Reverse Lookup Pro, simply upload the photo you’re interested in or paste its URL into the search bar. 
  • Reverse image searchPro will then scan millions of images across various platforms and databases and give results that match your search query. 
  • You can filter your search by adding terms that describe what you’re looking for, such as specific colors or shapes.

One of thegreat feature of Reverse image searchPro is its ability to recognize faces with photos.


1. What is the best reverse image search engine?

Google Images is the most popular and widely used reverse image search engine. However, TinEye, Yandex, and Bing Images also offer similar features.

2. Is reverse image searchPro free?

Yes, reverse image searchPro is free to use to find similar images.

3. Can I use reverse image search to find the original source of an image?

Yes, reverse image search can help you find the source of an image or where it can be used.

4. Can I reverse image search a screenshot?

Yes, the reverse image search is the same process you would use for an image. The screenshot can be dragged into Google Lens on your computer or searched from your phone using Google.

5. Can I do reverse image search on my cell phone? 

You can actually go to a search engine site or use a reverse image search by accessing your cell phone.


To reverse Lookup a saved photo on desktop, you need to use an image search engine like Google Images, TinEye, or Bing Images. With reverse image search, you can easily find visually similar images and web pages with similar images.

Reverse image searchPro allows you to search for similar images on the internet using an existing image and find the source of an image. You can quickly reverse Lookup a Saved photo on the desktop without searching through a pile of photos or navigating through complicated menus.